How can I correctly use variables to control feedback?

Hello heroes,

I've created a set of four Yes/No questions. Learners are shown one feedback message if they answer Yes to all four questions and a different feedback message if they answer No to even one of the four questions.

For the scenario where someone answers Yes to all four questions, I've used variables to assign a value of 1 to each of the Yes answer buttons when it is clicked, then created a slide trigger to reveal the appropriate feedback message when each of the four Yes buttons have a value of 1.

My problem is getting the No feedback message to reveal, which has to happen whenever even one of the No answers is selected. The combinations of Yes/No  are seemingly endless in this scenario, which makes me wonder if I've gone about this the right way! 

I'm fairly new to Storyline, so would be very grateful for any help and advice at all. I've attached my file below.

Many thanks in advance.

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Susi B

Hi Hannah,

there is a simple way to do this. You can transform any slide into a question/freeform slide. This way you can use the preset right/wrong feedback and don´t need any variables.

I adjusted your slide to work as I would build this. I used button groups so the user can choose either yes or no and could correct a wrong chosen answer (which he couldn´t  in your slide). You need some sort of "send"-button, so the slide checks your answers and give the feedback. I would recommend to give the oportunity to think about the answers and let the learner decide when he wants to check his answers. You could even hide your next button until he answered the question, if you want it to be mandatory.

If you have questions, just ask. :)



Hannah Lim

Susi, thank you SO much for this! :)

I haven't used these question slides before, but looking at your example and how you've worked things has given me confidence to try them. I also agree with you that it's better practice to allow the learner to change an answer, and to review all their responses before submitting.

Thank you once again!