How can I create buttons on a Feedback master?

Hi All:

I am customizing my Feedback Masters and am trying to create buttons and placeholders (equivelant to the existing Continue placeholders).

Here is what i have tried while in the Feedback master editing mode:

1. Create new button with a trigger

2. Insert placeholder of a button image and add a trigger

Neither of these have worked, resulting in only a static non-interactive objects in the feedback layer.


1. A button inserted is not even selectable in the project view layer.

2. A text box is selectable in the project view layer, but the text in it cannot be edited.

I know i can just add hte same objects to the feedback layers in the project editing mode, however, that does not exercise the functions in the Feedback Master editor and creates more repetative work  for me.

Has anyone found a Feedback Master solution to this issue?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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Dennis Hall

Hi Rebecca:

The video is different than what i have tried, with no difference in my procedure, the difference is; it no longer works.

In the first screenshot above (Feedback Master), notice buttons 1, 2, and 3 display in the timeline and have triggers. Everything is selectable and editable.

In the second screenshot above (Feedback layer), notice I have the original Continue button selected, you can see this in the triggers to the right as well as the timeline below. What you cannot see in the screen shot are the Play and Pause buttons in the timeline, or the Play media and Pause media triggers on the right. Consecquently, the Play and Pause button objects on the stage are not selectable (like they are part of the background). If I want to place a video, that works as I created it using the Insert placeholder function. If I try to create a placeholder of a text field, fill it with a backgorund color, then add triggers, it will be selectable in the stage but will not be able to be modified.

I'm quite stuck between a rock and a hard place here.

I'm running Storyline update 3.

Any suggestions?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dennis,

When you say they're "locked out", what do you mean, exactly? Are they just applying to specific slides then becoming unavailable, or?

Sounds a bit strange. Have you tried importing the course into a new, blank Storyline file? If it's an issue with the file itself, that may help. 

If you still have trouble with this, we'd be happy to take a look.


Dennis Hall

Hi Christine:

Locked out - means when I am in story editing mode having created a question slide, and I select a feedback layer for the slide and then select a layout for that layer, none of the objects are able to be selected.

I have created case #00341157 in the support area. and uploaded a screen cast. I see in my email, I'm now being asked to provide my story file, so this is being looked at by TS.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Dennis Hall

Hi All:

Of course, I'm still struggling with this Feedback Master issue after being informed it cannot be done because the Media triggers in the Master slide cannot be associated with the target media.

Here is a really neat twist...

In the Master slide (not Feedback Master slide), I can create media control buttons (play, pause, stop) and not associate them with the movie on the stage - the trigger in the master slide says (unnassigned) for all my media triggers, yet when I play my published output, those unassigned media triggers work with the media on this slide. Neat huh?

Why can't the code for this be used in the Feedback Master as well since the Master slide works?

One other thing...

Why is it that when I create custom Feedback layers, then select to hide objects on the base layer in my story, they do not hide?

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall