How can I enable students to add attachments and can I manipulate the output files?

Apr 28, 2020


Does somebody know if it is possible to enable students to add an attachment?
For example, a student takes a picture with his mobile, how can he add this picture to the results page. The student has done a test and has to make a picture of the assignment he made.
The second thing is, that I would like to be able to alter the test output and change it for example in a pdf file.
For both, I would like to stay away from JavaScript. It has to run on a mobile phone without any issues


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Lauren Connelly

Hi Ben!

I'm happy to step in! 

Can learners upload/import files into a Storyline course?

This isn't a current feature in Storyline as there isn't a file location for saving the uploads. I would suggest looking at the settings in your Learning Management System to determine if this would be a possibility!

Can you alter the test output and change it to a PDF?

To clarify, are you looking to open the course as a PDF? If so, I'd suggest publishing the course to Word and then create a PDF from there. 

Please let me know if you have additional questions! I'm eager to hear if other community members have found a way to allow learners to import files!

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