How can I loop this within one slide?

Aug 02, 2013


This scene is part of a Breath course. I created this practice aid which kinda works but is clunky. The file attached only contains the bottom tab scene, the practice aid itself.

1. Can anyone suggest a more efficient, elegant way to achieve 4 repetitions of the circle without the need to advance to subsequent slides. The way it is now, there is an awkward pause between slides which gets in the way of practicing this.

2. How can I add the capability to repeat the entire 4 times through again?

3. Is there a way to allow the user to choose between 4 and 8 reps. I really only need those two options as you are not to do this more than 8 reps at one time.

4. Any other suggestions on how to improve this? I have only been using Storyline for about 2 months now and really appreciate the community support available!

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