How can I make clickable transcripts


I recently asked this in response to a different post on close captions, so please forgive the cross posting.

I'd  like to make clickable transcripts that give my users control over a video - so when a user clicks somewhere in the transcript, the video moves to and plays from that point. I'm thinking of transcripts similar to this.

All suggestions gratefully received.

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David Anderson

I've used SpeakerText a few times.  The quality of transcription is great--they use machine and human--and the interactive transcript is really neat. They don't offer support so you're on your own. 

To do something like this in Storyline, you would need to physically split the videos into layers or slides and use buttons to jump to each section. It wouldn't be dynamic like the video example you posted, but you could simulate most of the effect.

Vicki Hollett

Oh Speakertext sounds like a really useful service, David. Thank you!

I've researched (but not used yet) some other companies who also provide a transcription service including and I'd love to know whether anyone has had experience with these or other similar companies and what it was like. 

But the transcription isn't what has me beat. I can split the transcript of the video into rows, layers or slides and jump between them. But what I don't know how to do is connect that interaction with the video which will be located on another server. I'd like to prompt the video to start at the appropriate spot when I click somewhere in the transcript.

The project I'm working on will have about a hundred videos which will be located on a youtube-amazon-or- something-similar server.  It seems that if I were using youtube videos on a Wordpress site (without Storyline), this would be straightforward. I could create a .sub or .srt file (the same file as I use to generate captions in youtube now) which would have the time codes in it, which would tell the video what point I wanted it to jump to. I'm wondering if there some kind of similar captioning file that Storyline recognizes that I can use here?  

I'm new to Storyline and very grateful for all the help you can give me.