How can I make Text Entry1 = Text Entry2 ?


      I have a data entry box in one slide and a text entry box in the next slide. I'd like when user enter text in the first entry box, the same text appears in the other text box. I'm trying to build a fish bone (Quality Tool) for solving problems. The user enter "defects" in a table (First slide), then push "build" button and go to next slide where deffects show up arranged in a fish bone diagram. I will appreciate any help. 

Regards, John.

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Steve Flowers

On your second slide, if you don't want the fields to be editable you can use a %macro% to display your variable within a text box or graphic.

So if your text entry field was associated with entry1, the field will dump into that variable (it'll also display the contents of that variable when you return).

To display that variable in any textbox context, you'd use %entry1%. So you could also display that %entry1% variable inline in a block of text.