Text entry fields and validation

Dec 01, 2016


I'm not very familiar with the text entry fields. I want users to type an amount in a field (eg 50.00). If they enter the amount correctly, there would be a trigger to send them to the next layer or if necessary, the next slide).

I've added a text entry box, but when I go to the first layer, the amount is already in the field. I only see one default variable associated to the text entry box that says Set TextEntry equal to the  typed value when the user loses focus.

Is there a way to make them enter the value and have it validated so they can move forward? What does "user loses focus" mean?




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Natasha Bomba

I'm not using a quiz type interaction. I was hoping just to add it as a button. I'm faking an excel calculator (no I don't want it to do the calculations). I just have an image background and I want the user to enter the correct amount in the field. It doesn't have to calculate just validate the content. I've used other tools where this is quite easy to add---which is why I'm wondering if I'm missing something.

I can't upload anything unfortunately. Banking fire wall--nothing in, nothing out.

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