We NEED Timeouts

Feb 11, 2020

Someone there needs to make the decision to include "timeouts" in your triggers.

As an example - in a simulation I require LearnerA to enter "Bob likes to walk" into the text entry field and then hit ENTER on their keyboard. I set a VARIABLE to the value of the text entry field when the object loses FOCUS (no other EVENT choice here).

But that really doesn't happen UNLESS LearnerA clicks on another object OR possibly if LearnerA mouse exits the text entry field.

You're probably using some determiner on the keypress (ENTER) to check the value of the TEXT ENTRY FIELD and NOT the VALUE of the VARIABLE because the VARIABLE value DOESN'T get set until the text field object loses focus -> which DOESN'T happen because the cursor is still WITHIN the text entry field which means the object has NOT LOST FOCUS.

But let's say you do something like set the VALUE of the VARIABLE when LearnerA hits the ENTER key, and then you check the VALUE of the VARIABLE and continue to the next screen OR show TRY AGAIN.

I'm hitting a situation when TRY AGAIN is displaying (in preview mode) at the same time the "go to next slide" action would take place.

IF you had a 500 millisecond delay on the checking of the value of the variable to allow enough time for the variable to actually be set i would never encounter this issus.

This is just ONE EXAMPLE your needing to ADD a TIMEOUT modifier to your triggers.

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Lauren Connelly

Hi Peter!

I appreciate you taking the time to explain your request! I see how this is affecting your course. I'm going to add a feature request on your behalf to share with our team, but in the meantime, can you share your file so we can investigate a workaround?

You can share the file in this discussion by using the "Add Attachment" button. 

Math Notermans

Although Articulate indeed states that they prioritize requests on number of users demanding, i do think they could be opener on their process in this. As is there are quite some requests by dozens ( if not hundreds of users ) for quite some years. Those request still donot show on the development horizon of Articulate. In my opinion the development plans are based on marketing plans and sales, and the user requests are last in row.