Data Entry Trigger while typing in field

Nov 21, 2013


Is there a way to set the Data Entry's respective variable WHILE the text/number is being typed rather than when the control looses focus?

I am trying to set up an interaction that will show  layer once the user types a certain value in a numeric entry field, but I don't want to make them click else where, I want it to happen as soon as the correct value is typed.

I know I can test the variable on a key press, but variable wont update unless the text field loses focus.

Thanks in advance!

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David Oskorus

Hi Ashley, thanks for the reply!
I was thinking something like that might work, but couldn't quite get it.

The user has to simply enter the number 200, so I tried setting a trigger on both 0 keys (main keyboard & number pad). If I simply have the key press trigger show layer, it would show the layer when they enter "20" (or "0", "10", etc.).

So then I tried setting the key press to trigger evaluating the variable that is associated with the entry field. Unfortunately that brings me back to the original problem--the variable isn't updated unless the entry field loses focus.

Any other thoughts?

I'm not opposed to working outside the box--or maybe I'm just missing something obvious.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi David,

The second option you mentioned about evaluating the variable, would be my other suggestion. But as you mentioned, it's dependent on the control losing focus. 

I'm at a loss for other ways to do what you're trying. :-(   

I hope that someone in the community has tried to do similar and has another solution to share with you here. 

Louise Lindop

Hi David,

I know this is a long time ago now, but wondered if you found a solution. I'm trying to write a simulation so it works like the live system, but this makes it almost impossible. I am thinking I will have to resort to single key presses and separate screen shots to make it work (which works well but is an enormous amount of work. Any update would be appreciated.


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