How can I make wrong answers reappear on a test?

Apr 20, 2015

I have a test consisting of 10 questions (pick one questions). When students carry it out, I want wrong questions to reappear at the end until everything is correct. However, I don't want to give students credit for the wrong answers (I just want them to realize their mistakes).

Can it be done and what do you think about this approach? Would it be better to just let them do everything without penalizing, like Duolingo does? I'm not sure what the current educational trend is when it comes to penalizing mistakes. Thanks.

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Shawn Stiles

Hi Manuel,  If I understand your question it seems that you want the users to be able to retake only missed questions instead of having to retake the entire test, is that correct?

If that is correct, then you would need to build all your questions outside of the quiz feature because currently that is not a default feature in Storyline.

I have built this type of quiz (single select and multi-select question). It works fairly well, but there are a number of limitations with doing it, such as I cannot replicate all the question types, matching being a specific one.  For the completion to our LMS I am using a simple java script because my questions cannot update the score variable directly. 

Hope this helps. 

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