Can I view a summary of incorrect answers?

Nov 07, 2014


We have an exam set up in our LMS using Articulate Storyline. Rather than the trainer have to go through and review the quiz slide by slide to find the incorrect answers, I'm trying to figure out a way of displaying a table of question numbers which only displays each question number if that question was incorrect.

I know how to do this with variables, I'm just struggling with working out how to set the variable on each question.

I can't use a blank feedback slide as I use the next/prev button to navigate the quiz with one Submit button at the end.

I tried using a hotspot over the radio button to select the answer, but then it's impossible to set the answer!

Does anyone know if this is possible? The 'review' option shows each answer correct/incorrect. I just want to tap into this and have a list of incorrects.


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Bjarne O

Hi Daniel

I'm trying to achieve something very similar, as posted in this thread:

There is a link for a workaround there, but I find it a bit too complex to really work for me. Please post if you find an easier solution.

Best regards,


Daniel Halliwell

Hi Bjarne, I think I've figured out a solution which works for both of us, though it's a little messy.

I haven't tested it yet, but running through it in my mind (so it may not work so expect an edit!) I think this should be ok. I have my quiz set up with 'prev' and 'next' buttons with one question at the end with a 'submit' button, scoring zero, asking the user to confirm they are ready to submit their answers, so I don't know if this will work if you use 'submit' on each question...

The way I can work it out is:

  • For each question, create a variable T/F for answered, and T/F for correct
    • eg Q1Answered, Q1Correct, Q2Answered etc, etc
  • On each question, use the selection buttons for each answer to set the variables accordingly
    • all answers should trigger Q1Answered to TRUE, the correct answer should trigger Q1Correct to TRUE and the other answers should trigger this to FALSE. It's important to get all these triggers set up correctly!
  • I can use Q1Answered etc to show/hide numbers at the end of the quiz to show the user which questions still need answering before submitting the answers.
  • I can use Q1Correct etc to show/hide numbers on the results slide to show which answers were incorrect, so the trainer can quickly log these for the debrief.

To hopefully help you: In order to limit the number of retries, and to only show incorrectly answered questions in the retry, you could do this:

  • For each question, set a trigger on timeline start to change the state of the button of the correct answer to 'selected', then a trigger on timeline start to jump to next slide. Both of these need the condition 'IF Q1Correct = TRUE'.
    • so if they answered it correct, Q1Correct = TRUE which reselects the correct answer and then jumps to the next question. If they answered it incorrectly, Q1Correct = FALSE so the question will now require answering
  • Create a variable 'NumberOfAttempts' set to zero
  • Create a variable 'Reviewed' set to False
  • On the results slide, set a trigger to adjust the variable NumberOfAttempts by +1 on timeline start, IF Reviewed = False
    • If you have a 'review' button, then set a trigger on this to adjust variable Reviewed to TRUE (this prevents NumberOfAttempts increasing after the review when the results slide shows again)
      • Then on your 'Retry' button, set a trigger to adjust variable Reviewed to 'False'
  • On your results slide, set a trigger on timeline start to change the state of your 'retry' button to disabled IF NumberOfAttempts is greater than 1
    • So, upon completing the quiz you can review the quiz as much as you like. You can retry the quiz once, and due to the variables and triggers set up earlier it will detect any previously answered questions that were correct and set the answer to the 'correct' answer and skip to the next question, effectively meaning the user only sees incorrect questions. Upon quiz completion again, the 'NumberOfAttempts' will be greater than 1 so the Retry button will be disabled.


Like I said, a bit messy if you have a lot of questions, I can try build an example in Storyline and share the file if it helps when I get time?

Let me know what you think?


Bjarne O

Dear Daniel,

Thank you so much, for you efforts in finding a solution for this... Forgive me for taking some time to reply, your suggested solution, does require some thinking ;) I can imagine it working - but - I'm really unsure, how you detect if a question has been answered correctly? (your Q1 correct variable)... Can you elaborate on that, or maybe demo it?

Best regards,

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