How can I resolve the issue of duplicate 'Match' answers in a Drag and Drop question?

Nov 24, 2016

Hi Heroes, I'll post some screenshots to explain what I am referring to. I suspect this is likely a limitation of these types of questions.

I'd love to continue using either Matching Drag and Drop or  Matching Drop-down question types in my assessment, but I'm unable to resolve the issue of having 2 matches with the same text value.

I used matching drag and drop for my first question (screenshot 1, review slide), but then switched to matching drop-down (screenshot 2) to see if this would resolve my issue.

Can anyone suggest a way I can keep these questions types, but avoid the user being graded as incorrect even though they have made the right match selection?


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Kris N

Heya Dean,

to the end user the 'word' they're selecting looks the same, but each has it's own unique objectID. Therefore, the only way I could see this working is by changing 'tense' of the word answers, or splitting it out over two different quiz slides.

Each [Question Object] is assigned a correct [Answer Object]; so (unfortunately) you can't be so clever as to allow 'if (this OR that) THEN correct'.

I've personally looked into trying to manipulate the generated javascript to possibly allow things like this without any success :( 

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