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Jun 06, 2014

I have a question about matching drag and drops on an assessment I'm creating. There are many types of questions on the assessment, but I'm particularly interested in finding out how well my learners perform on the matching drag and drop type questions. In other words, I'd like to collect a separate tally telling me exactly how many of the presented matching drag and drops the learner gets right.

I have created a custom variable to track the learner's “correct” matching drag and drop questions, but I don't know how to trigger a “+1” to this variable for each “correct” matching drag and drop response.

Ideally, when the learner hits the "submit" button and the matching drag and drop question is scored as "correct," this condition will then trigger a "+1" to my custom tracking variable.

Would appreciate any advice on this issue!

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Chad Cardwell


I think I've developed a solution that might work for you. It involves adding triggers to increment the value of the custom variable when the user clicks the Submit button and each drag object's state is "Drop Correct."  This is all that is needed if you are only allowing 1 attempt.

If allowing more than 1 attempt, you will need to reset the value of the custom variable to zero when the user clicks the Try Again button on the Try Again layer.

If you are using the same variable across multiple questions and want a running tally of all correct drag and drop answers, you'll need to add "-1" triggers to the Try Again layer that undoes the "+1's" from the base layer's Submit button triggers. To quickly create these, I'd just copy the triggers from the base layer and modify each to decrement the variable by 1 when the user clicks the Try Again button.

I've attached an example with the assumption that the variable is only used for the one question (meaning it gets reset to zero when the user clicks the button on the Try Again layer). I started with one of the default templates included in Storyline.

Hope this helps!

Chad Cardwell

Also, I first tried solving the problem with triggers on a review layer, but I was having trouble handling the case of a slide being reviewed multiple times, resulting in the variable constantly being incremented. I think the above method is more elegant and reusable because the user will only click the Submit button a predetermined number of times, but they may review a slide as many times as they want.

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