How can I see result print page again after when I missed it and returned to LMS?

Nov 04, 2016

Hello there,

Printing result function is very useful to review each questions.

But how can I see result print page just in case that I missed to see the printing page and returned to LMS?

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Takeyoshi Nakajima

Hi Wendy,

Thank you very much for your suggestion.

Actually, I set 1 as max attempt for the target module.

That means you cannot launch the target module again once you left and return to LMS.


Considering that, only force printing result page, force save result page into local drive or something are the solutions?  (I am not sure if there are such functions.)

Thank you very much.

Ali Goulet

Hey Takeyoshi!

The features that you're looking to incorporate in your course are not ones that exist natively in Storyline 2. Ashley was suggesting that there may be the possibility of creating this type of functionality with the use of Javascript. This isn't something that we're equipped to provide support for, however, so hopefully someone from the community with experience and knowledge in Javascript will be able to chime in with some ideas.

Hope that helps clarify a little! Good luck with your project :) 

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