How can I view the slide feedback after saving a graded question?

Dec 21, 2012

I am new to storyline. I cannot seem to figure out how to change the feedback once I have created my graded multiple-choice question. I can't find any way to expand my slide to see that feedback and there is nothing I can see in the timeline that shows it. 

I actually want to delete the feedback altogether so need to delete the feedback master. I can't do that until I get rid of all feedback on the slides I have already created but forgot to delete the feedback at the bottom of some slides before saving.

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Nancy Roderick

So I searched for the word "Correct" since I knew that was on the feedback slide. When I did that, I was in 'another realm' and saw the feedback info. I deleted the text layers but now I'm left with the background of the feedback popup (a blank gray rectangle) and can't delete it. I can't get back to the "Base Layer Objects".

Christine Hendrickson


Thanks for the screenshot, but I won't be able to look through the file with that. I totally understand not being able to share it publicly, though. If you'd like to submit it in a support case, the file will remain confidential. 

However, this information may help. It's just a little difficult to know, without seeing how you have everything set up.

From the "Correct" or "Incorrect" layers of the question, click on "Edit..."

Make sure that you have the very top level of the Master selected. Then, you should be able to select and delete any elements you want to remove.

Nancy Roderick

I deleted all of the slides I had created that had feedback on them but I still cannot delete the feedback master. I can't get rid of the feedback once I have inadvertently put it on the slide, and it seems to be too difficult for me to remember to delete that text as I am cutting and pasting in hundreds of questions and answers. I want to delete the feedback altogether. I guess I'll have to delete all slides and start over. At lease I hadn't gotten too far into it before realizing what was happening. This is a tough learning process.

I also do not know how to change the value of the correct answer once I leave the queston-creation screen. Is there no template area to work with these variables?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Nancy,

I think you might find this tutorial handy:

Using Feedback Masters

Also, the main section for Articulate Storyline Tutorials may have more you'd like to check out.

Right now, the forums are pretty silent with the holidays. However, if there's something specific you'd like to learn, or if you need some suggestions, just post here or in the Building Better Courses section of the forums. We have an awesomely talented community

Thanks, Nancy! Have a great evening, a good weekend and Happy Holidays!


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