How can you adjust the position of an object behind a locked object ?

Aug 02, 2017

On slides with a few dozen objects I often need to modify the position of an object A "behind" (below on the timeline) another object B that is locked. Unlocking the object B is not an option as the position cannot be moved at all.

The only way i know of selecting A is highlighting it in the timeline (can't draw a box around as there are many other objects that would be selected too).

But after being selected A cannot be moved unless "activated" by clicking on it on the stage. Which promptly deselect it.

The only work around I found is to right-click >Size position and use the sliders there, but this is tedious. 

Any faster way ?


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Tracy Parish

If I understand your issue correctly, what I do is click on the item on the timeline I want to move to select it.  It will then have the outline of the object and usually the little white handles (white squares).  If I hover my mouse over this it will change shape to the "move cursor" (4 arrows pointing outwards from center).  Once I see this I can right-click the object, grab it and move it.  Alternatively, I can left-click the object and use my arrows to nudge it as needed.


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