How do I activate a button once certain slides have been viewed.

May 20, 2014

Hi all, 

First time poster long time reader.

I'm stumped and think I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I have a course that is free navigation. The stakeholders love how the learner can move between screens and layers. However on some of the screens there is important information that needs to be read. I've set up flags linking to mocked lightboxes. 

At present I have a button on all screens that allows the learner to jump to the test. 

What I want to do, without limiting the navigation, is have the test button either appear or become active once the 6 flagged screen have been viewed. Regardless of the order.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all very much in advance.

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Mick Lee

Nancy Woinoski said:

Hi Mick, you are going to have to create some true/false variables for this.

i think you will need to create 7 of them.  One for each of the mock Lightbox slides ( or layers if you have done this using layers) and one for the test button.


Thanks Nancy 

 I was thinking using a radio button to close the lightbox acting as like a check which could point to the 'test button' and when all 6 are checked it would activate / appear. 

It was doing my head in today. A may have bitten too much off here.

Nancy Woinoski

No - keep them as layers - it is easier to use the variable solution.

Ok - so here is what I recommend that you do.

1. Create 7 true/false variables - (click the x just under the triggers panel to access the variable panel) - set the initial value for each of these variables to false

You need a unique true/false variable for each of your layers.

You  can name the variables anything you want but for this example, I will name them layer1Done, layer2Done etc.

You also need 1 variable to control your quiz button - I'll call this quizOn and this should also be set to false initially.

2. Ok so now that you have your variables set up, you need to create triggers on your layers that will change the false values to true when the user views the layer.

On each of your layers create a slide trigger as follows using the variable you created for that layer.

Note: you can set the "When" value to "Timeline ends" if you want but I like to use starts so that I am sure the trigger gets fired.

3. Now that you have the layer triggers set you have the fun of creating a slide trigger that will go on all of your slides that have the quiz button (just create it once and then copy and paste it to all your slides)

The trigger will be set up as follows:

Note: in my example I just have 3 conditions but you would have one condition for each of the layer variables you created. This trigger should be at the top of the trigger panel.  You have to copy and paste this trigger to all slides that have the quiz button.

4.  Make sure your quiz button has its  initial state set to disabled. If you are using one of the built-in Storyline buttons it will have this state automatically. If you are using a shape or an image, you will have to add the state.

5. Next, create a new  slide trigger to turn the button from disabled to normal (this trigger will also have to be copied to each slide that had the button) as follows:

Issac Li

Hi, this bothered me quite some time and I kinda figured it out by myself (not sure if anyone has figured it out before).

You can refer to the attached screen. Those blue dots are buttons that when you click them, relevant informational pages will show for different locations. Only when all the buttons are clicked, the NEXT button at bottom-right will appear.

My solution is that I place the NEXT button to a different layer from these blue dots, and then I add a trigger on the blue dots layer that only when the STATE of all dots are changed to VISITED, the layer with the NEXT button will show.

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