How do I add Custom Colors to a theme, or import one?

Feb 24, 2017

My company just had another visual identity overhaul, so I am trying to adapt Storyline 360 colors and themes to match it. But I find that while I can easily get the PowerPoint thematic colors imported, and exported as a Theme, it is not possible with the Custom colors that I have created. 

When I created the theme colors, I was able to define 4 main colors and 6 accent colors, plus 4 extra custom ones. But the CVI guide operates with a lot of touch-up colors that I cannot squeeze into this theme.

So I created them as Custom Colors. I found out that I can edit the Custom colors in Storyline from the More Colors dialogue. But those Custom Colors I add here are not associated with a theme, and thus I cannot export them to my colleagues or embed them in a .story file. When I give the athmx file to my colleague and he adds it to his Storyline program, he only sees the imported Color Theme, not my Custom Colors.

Am I wrong? Is there something I am missing?


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Soren J Birch

I have loacted an xml-file in the folder %appdata%\Articulate\Storyline\360 called customcolors.xml. This file lists the #hex values for the custom colours that I created. By adding this with the .athmx theme and asking my colleagues to overwrite their own customcolors.xml file I can give them access to the missing colours.

It would be nice if themes somehow had an expanded palette you could attach to it, one that would match what PowerPoint can store in a PPTX.

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