How do I disable the Next button until all modules (scenes) are complete on one slide?

Jan 31, 2019

I have tried every way I have found in this discussion board.  After wasting hours trying to figure this out (which I have been able to do in the past), I give up!  I have attached my file for a quick turnaround.  I imagine that there's something I am not seeing or obviously something I'm not doing correctly.  Please keep me from pulling my hair out!  Thanks.  :-)

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Mark Banit

Hi Nicole,

Only had a couple of minutes to take a quick look at your file, but it looks like even after completing a module (scene) when you first come back to the main menu the button hasn't changed states and doesn't until you mouse over it. Looks like the triggers you have setup to change the button state if the variable is set need to be adjusted so that they are run when the slide's timeline starts...whereas currently they are set be on the button's timeline.

So for example, under the "Button 1" heading in the Triggers panel, double click the trigger for changing the state of the button ...and in the "Object" drop down change it from "Button 1" to "Slide 1.9 Main Menu" ... and then do the same thing for the other 5 buttons. I think that should resolve your issue.

If not, let me know and I can take a closer look tomorrow morning.

Nicole Rivera

This was very helpful!  It worked.  Thank you both!

Now that I have fixed that, would I still be able to disable the module start buttons until the previous module has been completed?  I was able to get the disabled part accomplished, but I've tried two ways to get the enable/complete triggers to work, but it looks like the triggers for enabling and showing a state of complete are competing with each other.  Any help on this would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Mark Banit

There are few ways you could do that, but an easy way would be to setup a trigger that when the slide's timeline starts it changes the state of Button 2 to disabled, with a condition that it only does it if variable Module1Complete does not equal True. You would then have another similar trigger that changes the state of Button 3 to disabled, with a condition that it only does it only if variable Module2Complete does not equal True....and continue that pattern on up to Button 6.

With that setup, when the slide starts it will disable the buttons if the module before it has not yet been completed...forcing the learner to complete them in sequence. If you do that, I would recommend adding a line of instructional text stating that they need to complete them in order (since the way you have it, the buttons look active just aren't clickable). 

Just another heads-up on something I noticed -- the Module 6 button trigger is set to jump to Slide 7.2 instead of 7.1

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