How do I disocciate Next behavior from Menu setting in A2?

Oct 08, 2014

Articulate 2 ties the Next button behavior to the Menu setting: Free, Restricted, or Locked. This means, if you restrict your menu, the Next button is prevented from working until the slide's timeline completes. Is there a workaround? I want a Restricted Menu, but a Free Next button that works anytime. Thanks!

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Emily Ruby

Hello Lara, and welcome to Heroes!

The next button is designed to restrict the function until the timeline completes as designed. You could use the free restriction, or you could shorten the length of the timeline to only a second or two. (if you have no audio, video)

You could also remove the built in next button from the slide (using the lower right hand gear shift for slide properties) and then create a custom next button with a trigger set to jump to next slide.

Let us know if you need anything further!

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