How do I display full size document in a seperate lightbox/window?


So on my slide I am showing a sample of a worksheet document.

The worksheet is actually a two page document and I would like it so that when they hover and/or click on the image of the worksheet, a lightbox, or window, opens up displaying the entire two page document - either as a PDF document or as a full size image of the two documents side by side. The full document is bigger/taller than the height of the slide.

Any tips suggestions or ideas on how I can best accomplish this would be greatly appreciated!!!



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Phil Mayor

Hi Nicole I struggled with this on a project I did a few months ago, you can see it here

We did not get the page fullscreen but used zooms to show the pages.

TBH the navigation could do with some work, but it has had some good feedback from users

Eileen Mrowka

Brent deMoville said:

I created a link from the image of the file and made it just open the file.  It opens it in a new window.  Is that what you mean?  Your file will need to have either a fixed path or reside in the same directory as the .story file.  I attached a small example as a zip.

Hi Brent! I'm trying to recreate this. I have a slide with a map and each segment of the map is a link to a PDF document that opens up in separate windows. How do I enter the URL/file name in the trigger? Do I need a path or can I just enter the name of the document. In Studio '09, I just entered the name of the document with no path and then placed the documents in a folder called Downloads. How does this work in SL? Thanks so much for your help!!!

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Deanne,

Perhaps you could create it as a separate Storyline course that is linked to and launched in a separate window? If you want to let me know what version of Storyline you're using I can include a tutorial on how to add links or embed items like a web object. You can also find all the Storyline tutorials here.