How do I do this? Quiz answers result in prizes

Sep 19, 2019

Hi all, 
Not sure how to express or title this query so this is what I plan to do.
Freeform quiz questions sprinkled throughout module. Each time a user gets one correct they get a stamp in a book (a different stamp for each question). So if a user gets all 10 right, they end up with 10 different stamps in their book. If they just get questions 2, 5, 7 and 8 correct, for example, they will get the 4 stamps linked to those questions. The stamp book should show progress after every question - not just at the end.
I'm stumped to how I could set this up. Any advice? Thanks.

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Jerson  Campos

You need to set up variables for each stamp.  For example, if answering question 2 gets stamp 2, you should set a trigger that changes the variable for stamp 2 to equal True when the get it correct, best option would be on the correct feedback if you have any. 

When it needs to be shown, have it hidden at first, then create a trigger on timeline start to show that stamp if variable stamp 2 = true. 

Shayne Ashby

Good idea as well Ned. What I'm struggling with is how to change the stamp variable to true based on whether the user got the question correct. I'm thinking I set all the stamps to hidden, then change them to a Normal state if user gets the questions right but I couldn't find anything that resembled that in the trigger panel...but Im not too sure what Im looking for either.

For example if user gets question 1 and 3 correct and question 2 incorrect. I want to show the stamps for Q1 and Q3 and hide the stamp (or keep hidden) for Q2. Hope that makes sense.

Shayne Ashby

Thanks Wendy, I have mocked up a 3 question quiz and have placed the stamps in the Correct/Incorrect feedback layers and created 3 variables. Ideally, whatever their answers, the feedback layers should show the result not only for that question but the preceeding questions. if someone gets question 1 and 3 correct and question 2 wrong..on the Q3 feedback layer it should show stamps 1 and 3. Hope I'm being clear enough. It makes perfect sense in my brain :)

Wendy Farmer

Hi Shayne

see if the attached works the way you want. I've only tested a few combinations but I think it's what you want.

I copied all three stamps onto each feedback layer and set them to initial state of hidden. Then used the variables in triggers to show/hide them.

Hope I've understood what you wanted.

Erin Sadler

This was fun. This is how I would do it.

On each 'continue' button on the correct feedback, the corresponding variable is set to TRUE. Do this BEFORE the later is closed or it won't be triggered.

On the book slide, all the stamps start in state 'hidden', unless their variable is now TRUE, in which case they're normal.

I tried lightboxing the book slide but that apparently doesn't trigger its 'timeline start' - nor does using the 'when variable changes' trigger when you're refering to another slide (which is a massive pain in the ass, that would be very useful!) - so instead the view book button jumps to the actual book slide and its close button goes back to previous.

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