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Julia Koller

Hi Aaron,

I don't believe you can edit the points on the preset shapes. It could be possible with a freeform shape, but very tricky because the freeform shapes don't seem to have a lot of control either (as far as angle restriction, etc..). I would recommend building a png with 3rd party software. 

Garry Hargreaves

HI Aaron,

Just to add to Michael comments about Powerpoint, if the shape(s) do not come in to SL in the correct location or the correct scale (via cut and paste) and important they do, then put you shape(s) on a separate slide in powerpoint and import the powerpoint slide into SL - Click the (a) top left hand side of the screen and use the "import" to import that slide with your shape(s) on SL.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

And just to add onto what Garry said,

I often create shapes in PPT....

In fact, a lot of times I take PPT Smart Art, mess with its format and convert it to shapes...

And then I save the shapes to .png files and insert them into SL.

So, rather than inserting an entire slide, I just import the PNGs