How do I edit the points on a shape?

Jan 17, 2014

Hello. I'm designing a custom button and I want to edit one point in a shape. The closest shape I could find under shapes was Block Arrows > Pentagon. I am looking to invert the arrow point so that it points into the shape, instead of away from it. I hope that makes sense. 

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Garry Hargreaves

HI Aaron,

Just to add to Michael comments about Powerpoint, if the shape(s) do not come in to SL in the correct location or the correct scale (via cut and paste) and important they do, then put you shape(s) on a separate slide in powerpoint and import the powerpoint slide into SL - Click the (a) top left hand side of the screen and use the "import" to import that slide with your shape(s) on SL.



Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

And just to add onto what Garry said,

I often create shapes in PPT....

In fact, a lot of times I take PPT Smart Art, mess with its format and convert it to shapes...

And then I save the shapes to .png files and insert them into SL.

So, rather than inserting an entire slide, I just import the PNGs

Sean Holton

Seems like a fairly simple feature to add to reduce UX frustrations of having to leave SL, open PPT, design your shape, save it out, then bring it into SL. I feel like software companies should be in the business of making their software something that doesn't force users to use another company's product as often as possible. As a new SL user this seems like something that could have been easily addressed within the last 9 years.

Lucas Deichl

I 100% agree! I would rather not have to leave Storyline to edit my shapes.  Just some basic design elements would be fine. Let us edit points of a shape and make the different points curve if we want. Also, it would be awesome if Storyline would allow us to combine shapes like we can in PowerPoint. 

Sean Holton

Since this thread is from "almost 10 years ago" I don't expect this to change any time in my lifetime lol. But not much can be done outside of commenting here and hoping one of their product engineers reads it. It just doesn't make logical sense for their solution to be "use someone else's program in order to use ours the way you'd like." (not to mention bringing in a singular shape from PPT scales it drastically because the two programs don't have the same pixels per inch)