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Apr 16, 2020

I am working in Build 3.38.21861.0. Once I create a motion path, it is not letting me select or move the path's start and end points independently. I am almost certain that this was possible in earlier versions, at least for freeform and at one point.

In fact, I recall a very useful 360 update (possibly 2+ years ago) that added the ability to select start/end points, move them with keystrokes, and even place them at specific x and y coordinates using field into fields in the ribbon.

Am I missing something or mis-remembering?


I did a bit more experimenting and found that you can in fact select and manipulate start/end points individually as I remembered it if the path is a straight line.

move end point

However, this is not that case with multi-point paths such as freeform, curve, or scribble. This is an issue because there is no way to ensure that these path types begin from the center of the shape. Once the path is created, there is no way to center the starting point without also changing the end point. It only allows the path to me moved or resized. 

In past builds, I believe that it would allow you to change the start point of such paths, and doing so would only affect a the portion of the path between the start and next closest point.  

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Peter,

Great findings here! 

To provide some additional clarity, as you mentioned, you can select the endpoint for Lines, Turns, and Arc.  For the Arc, you can move the separately when going left to right, but not moving up or down. I believe this is to retain the Arc's shape. For Circle, Square, Triangle, and Trapezoid cannot be moved as the start/stop are the same spot.

The freeform, scribble, and curve do not have a way to adjust the end point without moving the start point to keep it in the same shape that was used. 

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