Motion Paths

Dec 08, 2017

How on earth do I edit the start and end points of a motion path.

Whenever i try and move the end point or start point the while motion path moves. I want my object to return to the same point it started from


I cant seem to find any 'basic' help on working with motion paths, it all seems to make the assumption that you can get them to work in the first place

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Walt Hamilton

There are several ways. Look at the attached sample. For one, I created a path, selected the path and duplicated it, and set path 2 to reverse. Be careful when you duplicate it, it is placed exactly on top of the original, so you can't tell anything happened.

I also used a circle path, and drew a freeform path. All of them end at the starting point, depending on what you want.

You have to create what you want the first time, editing motions is difficult in SL3, and practically non-existent in SL2.

Mark Vause

HI Sabine/Walt 

Thanks for the offer – having  look at your project would be good if you think it would help. 

it’s more of a specific problem I have, of being able to align the end point pf multiple free form paths for a number of objects, without changing their start position. This is possible in PowerPoint

@ Walt  - i'll have look at what you have done but I'm I beginning to think it can’t be done as i was expecting.

The only way  i have been able to work around it, is have a copy of each object at its end position in a hidden state, and have state changes triggered by the end of the motion path. It woks but it is a lot of what might be necessary triggers, but your way seems a neat solution as well

@ Sabine If I need any more, I may take you up on your offer of an offline chat if I don’t get to the bottom of it! 



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