Motion Path relative start doesn't behave as expected


I've used motion paths, but have not had any need for a relative starting point until now, and now I can't get it to work.  Can anyone tell me if they've had the same issue in the current version of SL?  

The object 'snaps' back to the starting point before beginning the motion along the path. I tried having the path start when the timeline of the object starts, AND based on the timeline.  Neither are working.

I have tried origin unlocked and origin locked, it made no difference.

ALSO - adding a Fade or Shrink animation to the same object causes it to jump to the end position and fade/shrink.  It seems you can't combine motion paths and exit animations.  (!!!!)

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Crystal Horn

Hi Terry.  The way the "reverse path" is designed is that it will jump to the end of a path and then move along.  When you add "relative start point," it will jump to the end of the path based upon where you last landed.

So if you have a curved motion path that goes up somewhat, and you choose "reverse path," the object will jump to the end of the path (which would be the up position) and travel backwards along the path.  If the object then moves to another location, it will have the same behavior based upon where that object is at that point.  I've attached a video demonstrating.

That being said, what is the motion you would like to accomplish?  Maybe we can figure out the way to design it.  Would you like to share your .story file in your reply?