How do I ensure that a learner visits Click and Reveal layer BEFORE attempting quiz question.

In addition to the above query, I have a few glitches I would like help with please. I have attached my 3 slide test for you to see what I have done ...

  1. Slide 1 : I would like the learner to have 2 attempts at the question. The 'Try Again' layer appears and the audio plays when I preview the slide, but not when I preview the entire project.
  2. Slide 2: The same issue as above. Also, how do I make sure the learner opens the C n R layer before answering the question.
  3. Slide 3: The same issue as item 1.

As I said, the second attempt and Try Again layer works on 'preview slide' but NOT when I 'preview entire project'.  However on 'preview slide', although the slide replays ready for the second attempt, the audio does not play fully. How do I fix this?

Many thanks again for your expert assistance.


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Nicole Legault

Hi there Angela!

One of the things I noticed is on the first slide (Knowledge Check: principles of ANC) the trigger for the Submit button is incomplete. 

Click on the red "unassigned" drop-down list and assign the "Drag and Drop" interaction. This may fix some of your issues. 

On Slide 2, you also have a few triggers that are incomplete. 

You can either fix these triggers so they do something or delete them both. Anywhere you see red "unassigned" in the trigger panel, are incomplete triggers that you should fix. Here's an article on troubleshooting advanced interactions, including some tips for working with triggers, it also explains trigger order which is really important to know about: 3 Tips for Troubleshooting Advanced Storyline Interactions

Also, on Slide 2, to make sure the Case Study layer appears first & foremost, there are many ways to go about doing this. Some are harder and require more triggers, some are simpler. 

What I would recommend personally is that when you arrive on Slide 2, the Case Study layers immediately pops up since learners HAVE to view this content anyways. This can be done with 1 trigger like this: 

This way, when they get to slide 2, the first thing they see is the case study layer that pops up. Note that you'll have to pop into the text to speech and slightly alter the audio instructions to make this work since they no longer have to click on the button to view the case study.

Hope this helps! 


Angela Webb

Hi Nicole,

Thank you for your help so far. I do have a couple of unresolved questions though.

1. The Try Again layer appears when I preview the 2nd slide only, but not when I preview the Entire Project. How can I fix this, please?
2. The audio does not play fully when the user has a 2nd attempt at the quiz.

Thanks again!


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for sharing your project file Angela.

What slide are you having difficulty with? I took a look at the 2nd slide, but it is not set up as a question and does not have a Try Again layer.

Also you mention a second attempt at the quiz, but I did not see a result slide to point me in the right direction - so let me know how you are getting that 2nd attempt at the quiz and/or what slide to focus on there.

I'd be happy to take another look.

Angela Webb

Hi Leslie,

Thanks for taking the time to look at this again.

The first slide in the deck (Slide 5/12) has a Try Again layer and seems to work ok when I preview the entire project. Except the audio is incomplete when the slide replays for the second attempt.

The second slide, (7/12): The second attempt at the slide works well on Preview this Slide, but NOT when I preview the entire project. Why is that? Also, how do I ensure that the learner visits the Click and Reveal layer (the case study) BEFORE attempting to answer the question?

The third slide (10/12): The second attempt at the slide works well on 'Preview this Slide', but NOT when I preview the entire project. The audio is incomplete when I attempt the quiz for a second time using 'Preview this Slide'.

Thanks again,



Leslie McKerchie

Hey Angela,

The course you shared most recently in this thread has 9 slides, so looking at your first directions - neither the 1st slide or the 5th slide has a Try Again layer.

Here's what I'm seeing.

Did you perhaps share a piece of the course? You're welcome to share the full course if it would better help in troubleshooting.

Angela Webb

Hi Leslie,

Sorry for the confusion, the slide numbers are out of sync as I only included the slides that I would like you to look at for me, please.

So to confirm, the 3rd, 6th and 8th slides should have try again layers.

Slides 1, 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 all have Click and Reveal layers. I would like the learner to be obliged to visit ALL the CnR layers before moving on to the next slide. Every element with a yellow outline denotes a CnR layer.

I hope this helps to clarify.

Many thanks again,


Leslie McKerchie

Thanks so much Angela!

I'm required to view all of the layers prior to proceeding to the next slide on all of your Click and Reveal Slides. Are you using the menu to navigate or the buttons you've built?

Your try again layers were due to your variable. You were using the same 'TRY' variable across the questions.

For example, on Slide 3 if you hit the Try Again layer and added 1 to the variable, it is now 1 for all subsequent questions, so you will not see the Try Again layer for those.

To resolve, you can have a different variable for each. I've attached your project file for you to take a look at.

For the second question/Slide 6, it looks like the case study is the slide prior and Slide 6 states 'if you would like to read the case study again'. Are you saying you'd want the user to click this layer as well?