Layer and trigger setup for custom Drag and Drop interaction

Aug 28, 2019


I'm facing some challenges with setting up layers to behave as needed with a freeform drag and drop question.

There are 6 terms which need to be matched with their corresponding correct definitions.  I've kept the default layers on the drag and drop question format, as well as one additional layer, correct answer.  I only need three layers, one correct, one incorrect, and one that shows the correct answer after two incorrect attempts. 

The correct answer layer to show up when the learner has correctly matched all of the terms to their correct definition, regardless of the 'attempt' where that occurs.

The try again layer should appear after incorrect attempt #1, and the correct answer layer should appear after incorrect attempt #2.

So, if the learner's first attempt is incorrect, the incorrect layer would appear, but their second attempt was correct, the correct layer would appear.

Two questions:

1. The current setup prompts the incorrect layer to appear regardless of how many attempts the learner has done, and even if the second attempt is correct.  When I remove the other layers except for the correct layer, and then preview, the slide functions correctly when the term is matched with its correct definition.  

2.  How does the current layer setup need to change, in order for the correct layer to show after any correct attempt, the the again layer to appear after attempt #1, and the correct answer layer to appear after attempt #2?

2a.  I'm also not sure if the current triggers I have, need to be tweaked in order to accomplish the above goal?

I've added my test file here.

Any advice/insight would be appreciated!

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Casie Dake

Thanks, Randy, I've added the attachment below.

I have custom layers set up because I need the correct answer, or a screenshot of the correct matching for all the terms and descriptions at once, to show for the learner after the question has been attempted twice.  After the first incorrect attempt, the learner should see the 'try again' feedback.  If there's a better/easier way to accomplish having the learner see both of those layers at the correct time, I'm open to any suggestions :-)

Randy Hill

Ok, thanks, then I would rebuild the slide and go back to the original feedback layers of Correct, incorrect, and try again. Giving the question 2 tries, then you can use the built in functionality. The Try Again layer you can customize the text on it, so it says that is incorrect, try again. Then on the correct slide you have the congratulations that's correct. Then on the Incorrect slide, that is where you put the correct answers. We use that for drag and drops a lot that we take the drop objects and place them where they should be and say here are the correct answers. You just will need to use a different feedback layer layout. Probably the blank one so you can format it correctly, then just add a continue button in and you're set. 

Randy Hill

I think the custom layers were part of it, but the main reason is that you have your number counts 1 to high. The count starts at 0, you are having it go to layer incorrect when the count is 1 but the count doesn't go to 1 until the submit button is actually pressed. So it's an order thing there, you would want the first number to be 0 and the second 1, but you would have to add more to get the correct answer to come up if the user get's it correct after 1 attempt. That's really why you use the built in functionality. The module will default to the built in layers first over the custom. 

Casie Dake

So I went ahead and set up another slide using the built in layers, keeping the built in three layers, re-purposing one layer to be the correct answer layer, and tinkering around with setting the number of attempts to 1, 2, and three.

Also, I found this video that recommends setting a trigger on the try again layer to show the slide after continue is clicked from that layer.  (see the video here:

With number of attempts set to two, and the trigger in place to show the correct answer layer after two attempts, I'm experiencing one primary issue:

 When the first attempt is incorrect, followed by a second incorrect attempt, the try again layer appears on both attempts, even though the trigger is set up for the correct answer layer to appear on the second attempt (attempt count = 2). Testing this further to a third attempt, the try again layer still appears, even with the current trigger in place to display the correct answer layer after the 2nd attempt.

When the number of attempts is set to 1, the try again layer disappears, and the correct answer layer displays after the first try, thus defeating the purpose of having a try again layer, and making it so the learner sees the correct answer after only one attempt (not a big deal, but I would like at least two attempts).

I'm getting the correct answer layer to show up when I don't have that trigger set on the try again layer, but that also means the slide isn't resetting itself as needed.  When I add the trigger back to the try again layer, and still keep the attempts set to two, the try again layer appears, regardless of the number of attempts, and the correct answer layer never appears, or, recently, no feedback layers were appearing at all after clicking submit.

I've reached out to Articulate staff, hopefully someone can take a look.

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