Drag and Drop issues on iPad

Oct 22, 2012

Hi guys,

I am experiencing a few issues on Drag and Drop screens when viewing on the iPad.

I have the following setup:

1x Drag and drop interaction with, 2 draggers, 2 drop zones (simple boxes at this stage).

User can place both items on either drop zones and items tile, drag items are shown one at a time.

If users first attempt is incorrect, incorrect feedback shows (perfect). Likewise if correct it shows the correct layer.

If the user is incorrect, I want the user to be able to re-try. So I modify the continue button on the incorrect screen to hide all feedback layers, then jump to same page (effectively refreshing the screen). Also all layers are reset to original state. The user cam then retry the drag and drop.

On the second attempt, if the user is incorrect, the incorrect message appears (great).

However, if the second attempt is then CORRECT, the correct feedback will not show.

Any ideas?



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