How do I make it so that an object with a trigger to change the states of other objects can be clicked multiple times?

Dec 19, 2017

I have set up a menu to appear on each page of my project (screenshot in attachments shows the menu when its open), so that you click on an image with a 'change state of X from hidden to normal' trigger on it. When the learner clicks the image, the menu appears along with another image of a cross which, when clicked, hides the menu. It works beautifully.

My issue is that the object to reveal the menu only works for one click. When I click it again, it doesn't reveal the menu again. Is there an additional trigger I need to add? Or a variable I can use? I want it to be so that the learner can open and close the menu as many times as they like while they're on the page.

Edit: I have now added the project to the attachments. The menu in question is on the page entitled 'NEW title page'.

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Deirdre Sherman

Hi Sophie,

What was the solution? I am trying to do the same thing with a toolbar: when user clicks object 1, the state of object 2 changes (as well as the state of object 1). I created 2 triggers to make this happen, but user cannot click more than one time each (for each trigger).  I am not well versed on variables. 

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