How do I require audio to complete before user can advance?

Mar 16, 2020

I want the next button to remain hidden until the user clicks on two different pictures on my slide AND once they have clicked on the second picture, I want them to listen to the audio in its entirety.  

I have the first conditions handled with changing the next button to hidden until the state of all pictures is visited.  

How do I make sure they hear the audio after they click on the second picture?


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There are several ways to go about this. You're on the right track using visited states but those will only work for Picture 1 which has no associated audio. For Picture 2, you need to use a custom state to show completion when your audio file completes.

The reason for the custom state is that visited will take effect immediately after clicking the object. Using a custom state that's not tied to built-in behaviors, you can specify when that state should mark complete.

Here's a demo and source file for you to look at. 


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