Having a little trouble with a hidden item

Dec 30, 2021

Hello, I'm working on some projects for my portfolio and I am doing a simple project where I hover over a button and a picture shows. When I stop, it goes back to hidden. They all work great, but on my last one, when I click the button it takes me to the next slide (like I want), I have a home button on the next slide to get back to the main slide. Here is where things mess up. When I click the home button and go back to the first slide, it goes back, but the picture that was supposed to be hidden until hovered over, is now still showing and won't go back to hidden. All of the other buttons still work, but their pictures are behind the last one that won't go away. How do I fix this? *Pics below

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Maria Costa-Stienstra

Hi, Ciera.

Thank you for sharing the screenshots!

I'm happy to take a look to help you troubleshoot. Are you comfortable sharing the .story file here? If you'd rather share it privately, you can also send it to us through a private case

Without looking at the file, my initial thought and suggestion would be to use one object (image) on the right that changes states as the user hovers over the buttons on the left. 

I hope this helps!