How do I slow down a video I've inserted into my slide?

Hi, I've got a few screen recordings that I want to insert into my module, and when I play them in the media player outside of articulate they play at normal speed.

However, when I insert them and play then inside of my module they look like they are playing super fast. Is there a way I can slow down the recording inside of my module? The file is an MP4 that I uploading to Storyline 360.

Thanks in advance :)

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Clarelyn Gonzales

Hi Rebeca,

Welcome to the community!

There's this article that says mp4 videos require a MIME type on your server to play properly.

You may need to follow a few steps to correct it. Let us know how it works for you and provide additional information should you require further assistance.

Hope it helps! Have a good one!

Crystal Horn

Hi Rebecca.  Are those videos playing super fast in when you Preview the slide?  How about in the video editor?  Or are you finding it is only happening in the published output?

If you can share the video file here, I'm happy to test inserting it in Storyline to see what happens on my machine.  Thanks!