How do I turn off autoplay for a Storyline scenario imported into Rise?

Jan 19, 2024


I created a scenario in Storyline, that I imported into a Rise module.  Whenever I open up the Rise module, to which it was added, the audio starts to play. I added audio using the text to speech option since I wanted this scenario to be accessible.  I searched the audio setting in Storyline and I cannot find anything that will enable me to shut that off.  If someone could let me know if it might be possible to set the audio to play once the user clicks on or encounters the scenario, that would be great. Or, is there a way to keep it muted until he user unmuted the audio using the audio icon? Any help is much appreciated.


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Jose Tansengco

Hello Dana,

Happy to help!

This article contains some tips you can check out on how to prevent your embedded Storyline 360 block from auto playing: 

You can either add a custom play button at the start of the course or use triggers to pause and resume the timeline when a learner interacts with the embedded block.

Let me know if you have any questions!