How do one read the value (seconds) of the timeline into a variable

Jan 28, 2020

We want to read the timeline value when a video is playing and the user clicks a button to respond to something on the video.  We are not so familiar with variables and need some guidance please.

The idea is the user watches a scene and must respond to a wrong action the actor does we then read that timeline value and compare it to the actual point were the mistake is made.  We want to create a video where an actor performs certian tasks and every time the actor does something wrong we want the learner to note the mistake and maybe explain what or how it should be done differently.  

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Walt Hamilton

I don't know that you can read that variable directly, but here is a way to know when the user clicks. I used seconds, but I think you can use cue points, too. The biggest caveat is to cover the video, because clicking on the video pauses it, while the slide timeline continues to run, which throws the timing off.

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