How do you autoplay a PowerPoint screen recording in published Articulate presentation?

Aug 22, 2018

Hi, I'm a total've got a PowerPoint presentation that includes a screen recording on one slide. I have inserted an audio recording for each slide, and have the screen recording playing upon clicking next on the slide. I then preview and publish the presentation using the Articulate tab in the PowerPoint ribbon. I can't get the recording to play in the preview/published presentation, though. I have been fiddling with the animation options (I think I can only choose between play on click, with previous or after previous). 

How do I get the presentation to progress from slide to slide when the audio for each finishes (which it is doing now), but then also get the screen recording to auto play to accompany the audio, then progress to the next slide when both are finished?

Hope this makes sense, as stated I'm no expert..Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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Helen Tyson


I'm guessing from your description you're using Presenter, from the Articulate Studio suite, rather than Storyline? 

In that case you'll notice there is a Video option on the Articulate tab in PowerPoint - you'll need to use this to insert your recording, rather than the video or screen recording options on the PPT Insert menu. The same for any audio files, they'll need to be recorded or imported from the Articulate tab too.

Video tutorial:

Audio tutorial: 

Once you've got the content sorted you can control the slide progress in the Slide Properties - again found on the Articulate tab - setting each slide to progress 'Automatically' or 'By user', depending on your preference.

Properties tutorial: 

As you can see I've included links to the tutorial pages - you can find lots more in the Learn section at the top of the page.


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