How do you change the Quiz question name that appears in the Print Results report?

Aug 18, 2020

Hello, my quiz Print Results shows the description of each question type along with student answers, etc.  How do I change those to more descriptive question titles?


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Sam Hill

Hi Sarah, check to see if your questions are using the correct field for the question text. In the printed report, the column labelled Question, picks up the text from the field labelled "Enter the question" in the question Form view in my experience.

If the standard question text field isn't used, it defaults to naming like you are seeing "True/False" "Pick One" etc.

Sarah Berry

Hi Sam,

I heard back from Articulate support -- the freeform questions don't have that Question field, so the only thing that prints is the type of question. This seems super weird since the graded questions slides are so limited, layout-wise, I almost never use them. I've just never had to let learners print their results before so I didn't notice this issue.
Here's hoping they fix it soon!


Veronica Orosco

Pl Palomaki I just tried this for copying/pasting a Graded Question to a Freeform Question, amending the test, and it did not change my Report results, still just shows Pick One for the Question. Has Articulate made any updates regarding this as I do not use the pre-build either, rather Freeform often and need the Question to show not the type of question used when using Freeform.

Tacha Gennarino

I have added another request to the queue for a feature that would allow for freeform questions to be included in the reporting. Crossing my fingers as this would open a whole new way to have our learners interact with our content. Otherwise, we must use the good old MC, MR, TF, etc...Data is king and reporting HAS to be specific in order to be useful.