How do you stop touch controls on video on i-pad?

Jun 11, 2012

Hi All,

Currently I have one video on a slide which auto-plays, and I want it so that when the video ends, it sends you to the next slide. However, when I use a 'when media complete' trigger the screen just freezes at the end of the video. Therefore I tried using 'when timeline completes' on the video object, which solved the problem until you use touch controls on i-pad to pause/start the video. This doesn't seem to pause the timeline, so when you click to restart the video, it instantly flicks to the next screen. The easiest way I can think of to solve this problem is to disable the touch controls for the i-pad but I don't know how, can anyone please help?

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Max Hilpert


I am facing the same problem, only that I am not using it on I-pad.

When inserting a video that starts automatically it can be paused, when I click on it in the published course. The user for example sees that there is something clickable and clicks. Than the movie stops and the slide continues. The result is that slide and video do not match anymore.....A transparent shape does not help this problem unfortunately.

I also would appreciate help and advice



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