Synching Video and Slide Timelines

Jul 01, 2022

I love the new (June 2022) video control bar! It solves multiple issues for us. Thanks! However, one thing we are hoping to accomplish is to synch the video play/pause to the slide timeline so we can use cue points on the slide timeline to give credit for watching the video once they've reached a certain point.

Ideally we want to turn off all the player controls so all the user will see is the video and the video controls. Unfortunately, when I pause the video, the slide timeline continues unseen and will get out of synch with the video.

Is there anyway to pause the slide timeline when the video pauses, and play when the video plays? It appears I can do the reverse (pause the video when the slide timeline pauses), but that does not quite accomplish our goal.

Any thoughts are appreciated. Thanks!

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Thaddeus Ashcliffe

Use the trigger Pause Timeline on this slide when (user action) happens.
Trigger Resume Timeline to have the media play again.

Example: Using looping audio clips.  A pause button when pressed stops the timeline and halts all media.  Resuming the timeline resumes the media as well.