How does Storyline handle assets

Jun 16, 2012

I have got 2 questions regarding the handling of assets by Storyline:

Does a multiple use of the same asset (e.g. by means of copy and paste) increase the file size, or does it mean there are multiple instances of the same asset? How do I keep the file size small when I want to reuse an asset over an over again?

Is there a convenient way to update/replace an asset (search and replace / library)?

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Jan - 

If you copy and paste the object from within Storyline, the same asset is used on export. If you rescale the copied object, a copy is made of the object for the Mobile output. Storyline is pretty smart about publishing identical media objects. 

For the second question, I don't believe there's a feature that allows you to search and replace the library. This is an excellent suggestion. You might want to submit a feature request for that one.

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