How much video can Storyline handle?

Nov 25, 2012

I'm "discussing" building a course with over 600 video slides that are branched from an initial questionnaire at module start. Each video slide is 2-3min long and I'm open to using  web objects referencing that external video bc the videos could total 30 hrs. The videos can categorically be divided into 3 groups but I wanted to stay within 1 module for possible variables and course design.

I know SL references the video files but Is this amount of video possible? 

Can I link the modules together using javascript so it would "appear"  staying with in same Module?

I created a 600 slide SL file with shorter duplicated video slides and it appeared to publish and function. 

Any ideas or tips would be appreciated. 

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Geert De Rycke

Hi Ryan,

Instead of embedding your videos in your slides, which will make your SL project very large, you may consider linking your videos as web objects.They will be available in the project, yet not be embedded into it.

As an advantage, if you need to replace a video, you can just simply replace it without having to re-piublish the whole project.

Linking is easy, SL is specially developed to create branched scenarios.I myself have created projects with over 750 Slides. SL can copy with this amount, yet speedwise (in development) it will slowdown a bit.

Using JAVA to link modules is a solution of absolute last resort and must be avoided at all time. Especially if you are considering using an LMS.

Ryan, give the linking as web objects a shot, I'm shure you will succeed.



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