How reset a layer timeline

Jul 07, 2019

I am nou sure what I am doing wrong on this course.

I have a slide with 8 layers.  On each layer there a button to move to the next layer and another one move to the previous layer. I  defined a variable " layerState" and added a layer trigger on each layer to assign the variable with the layer number when the layer timeline start. Layer1 will set the variable to 1, layer2 to 2 etc..

All layers  and base layer  Revisit property is set to "Reset to initial state".

The variable is behaving as expected when I navigate from 1 to 7, however when I revisit a layer with the previous button, the variable value is not being updated. It keeps the highest value reached, meaning if i navigate to layer 4 and then reverse to layer 3, 2 or 1 , the value remains at 4.

Thanks you help is higher appreciated




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Russell Killips

The only way to get a layer to start over is to have the layer property set to: Reset to initial state.
The layer also has to be hidden before showing it.

Lets say you are on Layer 3. On timeline start of that layer, you will want triggers to hide layer 2 and to hide Layer 4.

This way when you click the next button Layer 4 is already hidden. If you click the previous button Layer 2 is already hidden.

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