How show correct answers for matching drag-and-drop interaction?

Dec 23, 2015

Hello. I have designed a slide with the matching drag-and-drop option and currently, if they select the wrong combination, it just says the answer is incorrect and they can move on to the next slide. Is there an option where, if they get the wrong combo, the pieces automatically configure themselves into the right arrangement to show them the correct answer, or how can I show the correct answers with this feature? Many thanks.

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Walt Hamilton


The purpose of this trigger is to reset the drag object to its original state, if the user changes their mind and drags it back.  Otherwise, it will show the Drop Incorrect state, even if it is returned to its original undragged position.


For it to work, there needs to be an object under where it starts. The object has no outline, and its transparency is set to 99%, so it is invisible. If it has no fill, it will not work.  In the attached sample, I changed Asbestos so it works that way.

I don't know that you need it, because none of the drag objects have a visible change for their "Drop Correct" or "Drop Incorrect state.

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