How to add Highlight or Spotlight Animation in storyline?

Aug 20, 2012


Is it possible to have a spotlight or highlight animation in storyline. I am creating a software simulation in storyline. I need spotlight or highlight animation. I searched the forum for tutorials but couldn't find one. I used the zoom in region animation but it didn't work that much because I am not able to edit the zoom region freely according to my necessity.

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Walt Hamilton

A couple of additional methods that work for still graphics.

Add a zoom region. While you are editing it, it creates a highlight that you can take a screen capture of. Insert the screen capture and delete the zoom.

PowerpointLabs has a free add-in to PowerPoint that allows you to create any shape and make it a spotlight (along with a lot of other special effects).

Paul Tottle

I'm searching for a way of doing an animated highlighting circle. With software and expectations moving so fast it's hard to keep up! Here is a tool I use on a website that animates a circle - . 

This would be a good feature to have in storyline. It seems like such an obvious feature, once you've seen it. However, so far, looking around the web I haven't found any animated gif that can be used for this purpose.

I guess another way would be to take a screenshot of the storyline file and paste into a drawing program. Draw a circle while videoing the screen, then edit it to remove the background. Then save as an animated gif. Phew. 

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