How to add hyperlink in Print Results document?

Apr 19, 2022


I inserted a Print Button on my final slide in an SL360 slide deck. 

I know how to add/eliminate columns and change the width of the columns for the Print results output, but is there a way to add a hyperlink to the words in the question column on the print results page? That is, in the Storyline itself, I have linked to various external sites and documents in my question. But when the print results page comes up, the links don't appear. Is there a way to add them in? 

I pasted two screenshots below to show you what I mean. I also attached a sample SL360 file to this message (for the sake of privacy, I only showed two slides and I made the link go to But the concept is the same. How to add hyperlinks to the print results output page?


1st sample






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Victoria S

I too would LOVE the answer to this. Right now I'm using a workaround where I send the actual URL to a variable (because it could be one of 13 different links based on user choices earlier), then insert the URL using the variable inside a text field that is the same color as the background. Then I put it behind the actual text to print and make it bigger. It's NOT what I'd like but it seems to work at least.  Anyone have a better solution to have links work in a pdf printout of a SL page? Everything else works. 

I tested and a hotspot doesn't work, and neither does making the text have a hyperlink. It only works if you put the actual URL (ugly!) in the text. That's why I sort of hide it by making it the background color.  I'm sure there is a better way to do this.