How to adjust the screen size for web usage?

Hi there

I've stepped in to update eLearning developed by another contractor.  The client feels like the size of the eLearning is too small and wants to know if we can make it larger.  I'm not talking about font or image sizes but the extent to which the articulate screen takes up the web page.

Is it possible to adjust this or is it standard?  Does the size change depending on whether you're publishing for the web or LMS?

Any help is appreciated.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Lisa and welcome to Heroes!

There are a few things you'll want to look into - 

The story size determines the overall size of your slides and project, changing this on an existing project will mean you'll have to move elements around and adjust where they are on the slide. 

The player and browser settings are also good items to look at in terms of if the player/browser will scale to fit the content or fill the screen. 

Hope those help! 

Ralf  Baum

Hi Lisa,

one more thing to add:

If you are going to produce sth. for a LMS you should try to get the information about the output frame of the LMS. Then you can adjust the size of the project to this dimension and aspect ratio.

Usually there is the rule: The best quality you'll get when the output height&weight is the same as the source size.