How to animate a cylinder so it rotates or revolves

In a current project I'd like to be able to have a cylinder rotate or revolve in a circle. I've attached the cylinder here. It's nothing fancy, just a shape I saved out as a .png

I don't think this can be done in SL, but is there anyway it can be done using Motion Paths in PowerPoint? My motion path skills are not strong enough to figure this out. I figure I could then export it as a video and import into SL.

So, I don't want to flip it or spin it, I would like it to revolve - sort of like those happy birthday cake plates that you can wind up...

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Simon Perkins

Your best bet might be to pay a graphic designer.  Someone could knock that up in Flash (or whatever they choose) in no time and either give you the SWF or the stills.

Failing that, give gradients a try or maybe add some dots (along the "outside") so as to give the illusion of rotation when animated.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Thanks so so much, Bruce, Simon, and Phil. I appreciate your time, and you've saved me a ton of time. Without your input, I might have wasted time trying to make it work in PPT, all to no end. Now I know it's a bigger job than that, I and I either need to devote time to a work around, or hire someone.

Thanks again!