HOW TO? Audio on/off controlled by triggers on base layer

Hello!  I've read several posts about toggling audio on/off but none help solve the specific problem I'm having:  

I am using an Accordion template (thank you, Veronica Budnikas!).  Audio on base slide plays by default, toggle button turns audio off/on (thank you, Nicole Legaut!).  Problem is that audio turns off when tabs open other layers on the slide.  And strangely, the last tab (which on the original template is labeled 'start again'), always turns the audio on.  

I would like audio to remain in current state (on/off as controlled by base slide), regardless of which slide is visible.  

Newbie thanks in advance to anyone who can help!



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Gisela Garcia

Thanks for the quick reply, Walt.

I have futzed with the template soooo much and am afraid I've messed it up,
as the template worked beautifully before my customizations. I have
downloaded a fresh copy and am in process of making my changes again. I've
learned a bit from my tinkering and should do a better job of preserving
the original interactions🙏.

I will be traveling a few days this week, but will get back as soon as I
have finished Round 2--Let's hope it'll all be good news!

Thank you again for your help.