How to block inserted video controls

Aug 28, 2013

When I insert a video file (MP4), I can overlay the video with a transparent shape to prevent users from clicking

on the video and possibly controlling the behavior of the video..

When I embed a video OR insert a video web object, I am NOT able to block the user from clicking on the video

by overlaying the video with a transparent shape.

The reason I want to overlay the video is because the seekbar is not in sync with the controls on the video. For example, if I embed a video that has its own controls to play or pause the video, the Storyline Player seekbar will not control the play/pause of the video.

With that explanation, is there a way to prevent the video controls from being accessed so the user can control the video play/pause/volume only by using the Player controls?



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Niels Vollrath

Hi Leslie,

Yeah, the triggers are not the problem. The problem is that even though I put a transparent rectangle over the video, I can still pause and resume the video by clicking on it. I want the video/timeline only to resume when someone clicks on a specific element, but I can't find a way to prevent people to click on the video itself. 

Cheers, Niels

Ren Gomez

Hi Kavita,

Since the video is embedded, you won't be able to restrict the controls through Storyline.

If the video auto-plays when the user visits the slide, then you can add a hotspot over the web object for the duration of the slide so that the controls cannot be accessed, but then the user will not be able to replay the video if desired.

Is it possible for you to download and insert the video instead?

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