How to block inserted video controls

When I insert a video file (MP4), I can overlay the video with a transparent shape to prevent users from clicking

on the video and possibly controlling the behavior of the video..

When I embed a video OR insert a video web object, I am NOT able to block the user from clicking on the video

by overlaying the video with a transparent shape.

The reason I want to overlay the video is because the seekbar is not in sync with the controls on the video. For example, if I embed a video that has its own controls to play or pause the video, the Storyline Player seekbar will not control the play/pause of the video.

With that explanation, is there a way to prevent the video controls from being accessed so the user can control the video play/pause/volume only by using the Player controls?



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Niels Vollrath

Hi Leslie,

Yeah, the triggers are not the problem. The problem is that even though I put a transparent rectangle over the video, I can still pause and resume the video by clicking on it. I want the video/timeline only to resume when someone clicks on a specific element, but I can't find a way to prevent people to click on the video itself. 

Cheers, Niels