How to blur out sensitve information in screen recording

Feb 20, 2019

I am working in Storyline 2 and doing a screen capture of a desktop application .  I want to be able to blur out some private information located within the site.  For example there are employee names and personal information already populated on the main landing page.  How do I blur that out?

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Deborah Barnes

Thank Ashley,  I did see this article and tutorial before.  But this only shows how to blur out fields of information. My screen is more like a data base with lines of random personal data and it's scattered in different areas.  If I am screen casting, I want to navigate around the site, use the scroll bar, etc.  That's where I need the blur effect, but I need to target certain areas of the site *not fields*  and have those areas remain blurred even when I'm moving the screen up and down.

Mike DiFonzo

I use Camtasia to blur out sensitive data but you're just adding the blur effect as an overlay over the specified area. If you were to scroll the page and the data moved past this area, it would obviously display.

I usually have the blurred area large enough so that the data doesn't show. If you click to another page and the data now is in another spot, you would need to move that blurred effect. It works well for me. You could do this same effect in SL with shape overlays but Camtasia is easier.

I'm not quite sure what Deborah is trying to do. Sounds like she may want the blurred effect to be attached to a certain area and automatically move with the sensitive data if she scrolls the page? Not sure if that's possible but I'd be interested if it is. A lot of times I add a static image to hide the sensitive data.


Liz Benton

It seems as if when you use this method, the actual screen recording part flashes the original image during the actual recording, making this effectively ineffective.

We used SnagIt to blur the image after screen recording, and on every single slide, it flashes the original during the actual screen recording (aka the part we need). 

Recommended fix?

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